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New guideline in support of the recommendation on Cyber security

Leading committee and working group owning the task: ARM WG 2
Tasks associated (*leading) : ENG - 1.4.1 - Develop guidance on cyber security for Marine AtoN
VTS - 2.8.4 - Review and update Recommendation R0145 (V-145) on the Inter-VTS Exchange Format (IVEF) Service
DTEC - 1.4.2 - Develop guidance on cyber security for Marine AtoN
Task Leader :
Task Number : ARM-1.4.3
Standards : S1010 Marine Aids to Navigation Planning And Service Requirements
Topic area : S1010.4 Risk management
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Objectives of the task :

Develop guideline

Expected outcome : Guideline
Compelling need :

The workshop on cybersecurity identified a need for a recommendation on cyber security. There is a further need for a guideline to give IALA members best practises and examples on implementing cyber security measures in the IALA domain.

Strategic Alignment :
Scope :

The IALA domain.

Cybersecurity related :


Brief and concise description of the work : to be undertaken and programme mile-stones (where appropriate).

Collect best practises from members

Develop and draft guideline

Reviews cross committee

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