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Consider relevant VTS documents to be revised /updated

Leading committee and working group owning the task: VTS WG 3
Tasks associated (*leading) : VTS - 1.9.1 - Consider updating G1111-1 to include guidance on VTS Management Information Systems Consider relevant VTS documents to be revised /updated
VTS - 2.9.1 - Consider relevant VTS documents to be revised /updated
Task Leader : Jillian Carson Jackson
Task Number : VTS-3.9.1
Standards : S1010 Marine Aids to Navigation Planning And Service Requirements
Topic area : S1010.1 Obligations and regulatory compilance
Task Description : Revise and update VTS recommendations, guidelines, and model courses
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Expected outcome : Revised VTS documents
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Brief and concise description of the work : to be undertaken and programme mile-stones (where appropriate).
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Session 54 Session 55 Session 56 Session 57 Session 58 Session 59 Session 60

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