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Task name :

Recommendation for the AIS Service

Leading committee and working group owning the task: ARM WG 1
Tasks associated (*leading) : DTEC* - 6.3.11 - Recommendation for the AIS Service
Task Leader :
Task Number : ARM-6.3.2
Standards : S1060 Digital Communication Technologies
Topic area : S1060.3 Harmonised maritime connectivity
Task Description :

Objectives of the task :

Revise and harmonise all IALA AIS documentation

Expected outcome :

New R126 summarising underlying Guidelines

New Guideline(s) containing valid information regarding the establishment of AIS as an AtoN

Compelling need :

Current confused mix of documents compiled at different periods by different groups, resulting in large overlaps

Strategic Alignment :
Scope :
Cybersecurity related :


Brief and concise description of the work : to be undertaken and programme mile-stones (where appropriate).

Key milestones include:

• New Guideline Pt1 incorporating operational aspects of AIS as an AtoN; retirement of several existing documents (ARM 19/20)

• Review of Technical information contained in R0124, full retirement if contained in other bodies (IEC) documentation, discussion with DTEC regarding ongoing requirement. New Guideline Pt2 (ARM 21/22)

• Revised R0126 summarising Guidelines above (ARM23)

• Review requirement for an AIS Manual (or VDES/AIS Manual) (ARM23)

A new 6.3.2 incorporating the following existing tasks

6.3.1 Review and update G1062 Establishment of AIS as a [Marine] Aid to Navigatio

6.1.1 Review G1050 Management and Monitoring of AIS Informatio

6.3.2 Recommendation for the AIS Servic

6.3.3 Review of the contents of A-124 series recommendation

2.2.1 Full review of A-126, G1084 and other AIS associated documentation (task now deleted)

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